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Outstanding finance

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Police national computer
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Insurance write-off accident repairs
Categories A, B, C, D, S and N

Free car checks

Buying a car privately?

Carpilot free vehicle history check is useful in checking fundamentals. Your free car check data is drawn from DVLA (Driver and vehicle licensing agency)

Look at the latest V5C issue date when buying privately. A fresh DVLA V5 renewal can explain recent changes in ownership and present a red flag when buying your new vehicle.

Run a second car check via the MIB (Motor Insurance Bureau) and check the vehicle is insured. Privately owned vehicles must have insurance at all times except when registered as SORN and off the road.

Buying from a car dealer or trader?

The V5 issue date is not applicable as the dealer will have the original registration document that displays the last owner’s name, address, and date when they bought the car.

You might want to record the last owner’s name and address. It’s the only time you’ll get a chance to do so.

MOT status

Vehicle check when buying privately

You’ll ideally buy a car with a new (12-month) or long MOT expiry date. Sellers that have taken care of their vehicle will usually get a new MOT before selling up.

From a dealers

If MOT status is less than six months, ask that a retest is included in the screen price. Confirm a repair for any significant advisory notes that will cost you money to repair on the next annual MOT test.

Confirm road tax costs

Essential vehicle check data

Carpilot vehicle check includes road tax costs based on emissions output. Pay careful attention to fees as petrol and diesel road tax costs rise. Bigger engines mean higher car tax fees to stay on the road.

Most electric cars are free from vehicle tax costs but are often more expensive to buy.

You can calculate the savings of buying a combustion engine compared to an electric-powered one.

Run a car check using a vehicle registration number and look at the entire history

Outstanding finance

Provided by Experian finance

It’s against the law for you to knowingly buy or sell a car with a loan secured against it.

Outstanding car finance is a vital element in your car history check. Run your vehicle registration number through Carpilot and buy our full outstanding finance vehicle history check.

If there is a finance record, you will get the lending company name, the type of agreement and reference number with contact details.

Contact the lender and notify them you plan to buy the car. They will provide the steps needed for a safe and legal purchase.

Stolen status

Provided by Police national computer and national insurance database

To prevent buying a car that’s stolen, Carpilot retrieves any theft record from the Police National Computer (PNC) and motor insurance registers to search for an insurance claim and payout to the policyholder.

If you check a vehicle for sale and it’s stolen, notify us immediately.

Mileage history check

Provided by DVLA MOT test history

Carpilot segments the recorded history of mileage at each MOT test. The database scans for previous tests and highlights where mileage was higher than that recorded today.

Mileage rollbacks (car clocking) are illegal and present obvious road safety issues where a vehicle has incorrect distance travelled records.

Beyond safety, car value is also reduced, making for a complicated resale.

Written-off classification

Provided by MIAFTR

A write-off marker remains for the life of the car.

*Classification of write-offs*

Cat A

Cat B

Cat S

Cat N

*Categories A and B* are the most severe, and a vehicle must be destroyed. It cannot be resold.

*Category S* damage is less severe but can include structural damage to the chassis or crumple zones. Despite this, with adequate professional repair, the vehicle can be back on the road and resold in future.

*Category N* is the least severe write-off status on older vehicles with minor cosmetic damage.

Number plate (reg check) changes

Provided by DVSA

Continually managed service in the United Kingdom via the *Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency*(DVSA), registration number plate changes occur for a variety of good reasons.

Private number plates assigned to a vehicle at the request of the registered keeper or new owner

Imported vehicles are assigned a new vehicle registration.

*Number plate change eligibility*

Q or *NIQ plates* are not allowed.

Putting a private number on a *Q registration number*

Using a private plate that will look like the vehicle is newer than it is. For example, we cannot put a ’19’ number plate on a car registered in 2015.

We recommend that you check for additional information.